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Top Ten Songs to add to a Motorcycle Riding Playlist

Top Ten Songs for the Ultimate Motorcycle Playlist
(Plus a couple of extras)

Since the beginning, motorcycles and music have ridden hand in hand. Riding to concerts, performing at rallies, and with modern stereo and helmet headsets, listening to a curated playlist can enhance the riding experience like never before.

While every rider’s tastes can range widely, we’ve picked out a top ten songs for your playlist. Each one is a great start to any ride; and when they come on in the shuffle at the right time… get ready to rip. Everyone’s music taste is a little different, so keep in mind that these are just a start! What matters is that it’s fun and that YOU enjoy it. Don’t be ashamed to throw on some smooth jazz or Taylor Swift, it’s all about enjoying the ride. From the rock ‘n roll, to the existential, check out our list below. 

#10 - Bones
    Paul Cauthen

Hailing from Tyler Texas, Paul Cauthen’s “Bones” sounds straight out of an old western movie. For new listeners, his vibe is old school country… with swagger. A great addition to any ride soundtrack, this jam matches any landscape. Whether it’s rolling down main street like an old-time outlaw, or roaring across the desert, “Bones” and Cauthen’s other songs fit the vibe.

#9 - Sabotage
    Beastie Boys

A classic from those guys from NYC, Sabotage might not seem like a motorcycle jam. Let us assure you: It totally is. While it’s not to everyone’s taste (and that’s ok!) “Sabotage” brings a fun, wild atmosphere to the road. 

#8 - Kickstart My Heart
    Motley Crue

A classic for a reason! “Kickstart My Heart” has soundtracked many a ride, road trip, and rally, and with its driving guitars and simple lyrics, it’s easy to see why. 

#7 - Mainstreet
    Bob Seger

Pivoting to a more pensive track, Bob Seger’s “Main Street” is a power ballad for the ages. A song filled with nostalgia reminiscing on lost love– with an unmistakable opening–  this song is perfect for a long ride at dusk. Seger’s discography is full of hits for the road, and it makes sense: He is a motorcycle enthusiast himself, and his songs have been a staple of the hobby for many years. 

#6 - Downtown
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Sure, it’s technically about mopeds. But hear us out: Two wheels is two wheels! Share the love with this retro jam from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. With a little bit of just about every style to sing along to, this one’s for the folks that don’t take the ride too seriously. 

#5 - Born to Run
    Bruce Springsteen

Few songwriters capture feelings of wanderlust and getting outta town like Springsteen. “Born to Run,” the title track off the classic 1975 album. While several of “The Boss’s” songs could fit this list, this one is our favorite. 

#4 - Danger Zone
    Kenny Loggins

It’s impossible not to love Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone.” From the classic Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, this takes any ride near an airport to the next level; dare we say it… to the danger zone. Don't miss out on that Maverick Moment!

#3 - The Chain
    Fleetwood Mac

Another song for those wannabe old west outlaws: “The Chain.” Stevie Nicks’ vocals deserve a spot on every riding soundtrack Just make sure you know the speed limit before that bridge!

#2 - Country Roads
    John Denver

Another classic, “Country Roads” captures the spirit of America’s Heartland. Perfect for exploring Appalachia on two wheels; or anywhere with green fields, rolling hills and sweeping curves, this tune is filled with nostalgia and happiness. It’s just a good vibe and great for just about any ride. 

#1 - Born to Be Wild

Need we say more? It’s practically the law. The lyrics say it all: “Get your motor running/ Head out on the highway…” How could we resist placing “Born to be Wild in our #1 spot? 

There are, of course, thousands of great songs out there to soundtrack a motorcycle ride, and no wrong choices. Here are a few honorable mentions:

Have Love Will Travel
The Black Keys

Slow Ride

Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Shania Twain